Why Preschool?

A preschool environment enriches each child in important ways and skills. Aside from age appropriate social, physical and academic development, benefits include:

  • Access to different styles of learning other than ones possibly experienced at home
  • Learning how to listen to other trusted adults
  • Experiencing different structures in their day
  • A safe environment to explore, play and branch out.


Why Parent Participation?

  • You get to be an active partner in your child’s education
  • Your child has the chance to enjoy having a parent, grandparent or caregiver sharing time in the classroom once or twice a month
  • You have opportunities for a direct say in the administration of the school and vote on school policies
  • Your child has the opportunity to feel part of a caring community of teachers, classmates and volunteer parents
  • You and your child get to form lifelong connections and friendships within a friendly preschool community


Why Tumbleweed?

As your child’s first school experience our goal is to make it a positive and fun one! We provide:

  • Positive guidance in social learning and a soft introduction to academic learning,
  • Help in bridging the transition to the kindergarten environment.
  • Small class sizes for quality learning experiences
  • Educators who are passionate about fostering a love of curiosity, creativity and learning